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My name is Camille-Victoire and I founded Fontennoy at the end of 2021 driven by a true desire to better understand who I was and where I belonged.
From this desire came another, a will to create jewels that could hold fragments of things that inspired me and to share those fragments with you.

Fontennoy‘s name is directly inspired by my grand-father hometown, Fontenoy-le-château. A small village located in the East of France and buried deep in vast forests where wild animals are still abundant.

Abysses collection

Although all my family was born in the East of France, I’m the first to be born in French Brittany. A region best known for its proximity with the sea.
Abysse tells the story of a long forgotten world buried deep underwater. The jewels from Abysses collection being the last echo of this lost world, shaped by coarse winds and salty waves.

Team Credits
Photographer: Anaïs DeschampsAlicia Pastor
‍Models & Makeup: Ambre Beaumont @hellsphenomenon

French craftmanship

I am committed to promoting French craftsmanship at each stage of the creation of my jewelry.

Each piece is created and sculpted in my workshop using the lost wax carving techniques. They are then sent to a family-owned company based in Ardèche for casting. After casting, I proceed to carefully solder and polish every piece myself to ensure a high quality standard before sending
them to a gold plating family-owned company based in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Caring as much as I can for the planet is also important for me.

All Fontennoy jewelry will come with a fully recyclable card box handcrafted in France as well as recyclable shipping box, cards and tissue papers. I do use a foam insert which is sadly not recyclable, my main concern here is to ensure your jewelry won’t be damaged during the shipping process. I will keep trying to make improvements wherever I can!